How can I protect my landscape from pests?

It’s important to be proactive with keeping wildlife at bay, so you can grow a beautiful landscape this season. The first line of defense against larger animals is a fence. Yet, while a fence may help keep out rabbits and deer, woodchucks can climb over or dig under fences. Repellent is therefore a more practical option for such types of animals.

When it comes to insects, there are many ways to deter their activity around your property, including:

  • Using rubber mulch

  • Growing insect-repellant plants

  • Removing rotten and fallen wood promptly

  • Trim your trees and shrubs regularly

  • Don’t leave water stagnant

  • Regular lawn mowing

All of these solutions can be implemented through landscape maintenance services with Wise Oak! Get a free quote for year-round landscaping support in Vermont today!

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