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8 Incredible Backyard Garden Landscaping Ideas

Depending on what your overall vision is for your backyard, there are a number of different approaches to transforming it into what you desire. Whether you have a suburban ranch-style house or an urban townhome, you want to be able to enjoy your backyard space as much as possible. Perhaps you want to use it as a place to entertain. Maybe you want to create a verdant backyard garden as a space to relax and unwind, or you might want a place where the kids can play, or even a spot to grow your own herbs and vegetables. Regardless of your use goals, this guide will provide you inspiration and ideas for transforming your yard into a place that you can truly relish being in.

If the idea of doing it yourself appears daunting, or your design and construction skills (and time constraints) simply aren’t up to the task of taking on a major backyard landscaping project, you may want to opt for a landscape designer and landscaping team to do it for you. That’s where Wise Oak comes in. Wise Oak’s landscape design consultants will be able to work with you and your budget to come up with a design strategy best suited to your utility and aesthetic goals. If you are in Vermont and want help making any of the subsequent backyard landscaping ideas a reality, call Wise Oak today! Our landscaping company offers both residential and commercial landscape design, maintenance, and even property management. Wise Oak is Vermont’s premier, full-service home care and landscape management experts. Hire us to start reaping the benefits of our many services.

8 Backyard Garden Landscaping Ideas

#1: Install a Backyard Seating Area

More than simply upgrading your patio, there are many ways to integrate seating into your backyard garden that will increase utility. For example, a fire pit with benches around it makes for a welcoming evening activity. Another easy garden landscaping idea is to keep things simple by adding a garden bench.

#2: Make Your Yard Multi-Use

You want your yard to appeal to kids and adults alike, keeping it safe and beautiful. Partition sections of your yard for different purposes to maximize its utility. If you don’t see how that can be done, things like trees can make great partitions, and planning out how people will move through the space is very helpful. Getting things like planters, new patio furniture, and new trees all can go a long way.

#3: Design a Woodland Garden

One of the appeals of backyard landscaping your home is the freedom you have in transforming your garden any way you choose. For example, you can transform it so that, when you step off your back porch, you are surrounded by a vast array of forest plants, maybe with an outdoor fireplace, shade garden, koi pond, and more. If you want to keep your garden native to Vermont, we can help you there. Reach out to one of our design consultants to devise the perfect backyard woodland garden for your unique aesthetic.

#4: Transition With Your Lifestyle Changes

Don’t let that old trampoline or swing set just sit there now that the kids are older. As time goes on, your use of your backyard will as well. Often, one of the best places to start is the removal of oversized trees. Wise Oak’s tree removal and subsequent stump grinding service can help you there. After removing any oversized trees, your yard will look bigger and you’ll be able to implement subsequent improvements, like replacing your children’s swing with a new porch-style swing, or you could add in a water feature to create a new focal point from which the rest of your garden design decisions grow. If you’re thinking about changing your garden due to transitions in your life, Wise Oak’s landscape services could help you with everything from tree trimming to home repair.

#5: Choose a Less Water-Intensive Garden Design

Trying to grow tropical plants in Vermont can be a challenge, not to mention requiring a lot of water. Growing a water-free or low-water garden is perfect for people who like harder species or people who are trying to be eco-conscious. Low-water gardens also tend to require less maintenance and will reduce your utility bill. One of the main challenges with this garden design idea is to choose your plants wisely. Contact Wise Oak to talk about what species and design arrangement will best work for your backyard today!

#6: Turn Your Backyard Into an Intimate English Garden

By using attractive wood fencing, cozy seating, and appropriate plants/bushes, you can transform your backyard into a contemporary, comfortable space of peace and tranquility. You have enormous freedom to choose how you want to design your garden. Flower beds, wandering paths, lounge chairs, turf, and so on all can be used to elevate your backyard into a romantic getaway only a few steps away!

#7: Install a Vegetable Gardener

Starting your own vegetable garden can be a marvelously rewarding undertaking. It gets you out in the backyard, working steadily throughout the spring to grow vegetables you can be proud of. Not only do you know exactly where your food is coming from and get to control what is and is not on the vegetables (like pesticides), it’s also a relaxing place to enjoy the sun, soil, and connect with nature as more than an observer, but through your work as well. For lawn and garden care tips, give Wise Oak a call today!

#8: Hydroseeding

From a more practical perspective, sometimes your landscape design isn’t just about making it more aesthetically pleasing; sometimes it’s about dealing with issues that are causing problems. For example, if part of your yard is struggling with erosion, one way to deal with that is hydroseeding — a process where a landscaping company sprays a slurry of seed and mulch to quickly help with erosion control. If you could use hydroseeding services, call Wise Oak now for your free quote.

The Best Backyard Landscaping Ideas

The best backyard landscaping ideas will come from yourself and your personal vision for the space you have. However, you can rely on our expert landscape designers to give you suggestions and guidance for making your dream a reality. If the task of doing it yourself seems daunting, or you simply want to hire professionals to take on the task and start enjoying the results faster, Wise Oak’s backyard landscaping services are here for you. We offer more than just landscaping services, including:

If you are looking for experienced, professional landscape design, maintenance, and property management services, contact Wise Oak in South Londonderry today to find out how you can get started transforming your backyard garden, or take on whatever else you require! Our team of landscape designs, caretakers, arborists, and more look forward to working with you soon!