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When it comes to keeping your yard at your home or office space looking immaculate, you quickly realize it takes a lot of work. From mowing your lawn to watering the flowers and removing weeds, you can spend hours every couple of weeks just doing yard work. If you are like a lot of people and just don't have the time for regular lawn care and maintenance, call Wise Oak, a landscape maintenance company, in Southern Vermont. Our experienced team has been helping residents and business owners since 2005 have the best outdoor living environments. See the possibilities, and call for a free estimate today!

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Landscape Maintenance

Wise Oak is proud to offer one of the most complete outdoor grounds maintenance services on the market. Our maintenance programs are tailored to completely meet the needs of our clients

Beautiful flower beds and lawn

Spring Clean-Ups

  • Clean-up of leaf and branch debris that has accumulated over the winter months

  • Cut back of any perennials that were left for winter color and/or shape and apply granular fertilizer to perennials to help maintain full and healthy plant growth

  • Clean up of lawn from debris left behind from plowing and road plowing

Complete Mowing and Grounds Care

  • Turf areas will be precisely mown on a weekly or bi-weekly basis

  • Edge areas and small sections that cannot be reached with mowers will be trimmed

  • Excess grass clippings will be cleared from walkways, driveways, and planting beds

Perennial and Garden Bed Care and Mulching

  • Landscape beds will be edged and mulch will be applied to the planting beds and tree rings

  • Care will be taken so as to not bury tree and shrub collars, which leads to plant stress/damage

  • Weeding of bed plantings and cut back of plants as they come out of bloom

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Lilies on display near lawn

Seasonal Flower Displays

  • Custom designed planting displays are constructed every year that will highlight your home and improve your outdoor living environment

  • Price includes planting, materials, and set-up.

  • It also includes spring annual flowers, summer annual flowers, plantings and displays, and flower and fall interest (corn, pumpkins, gourds, hay, etc.)

Fall Clean-Ups

  • Clean-up of fallen leaves throughout the main landscape and living areas

  • Cut back of perennials throughout planting beds and prepare them for winter

Field Mowing / Brushcutting

  • Mowing of large brush/field areas around the property to control areas of overgrowth monthly or seasonally as needed

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Landscaped shrub bed

Shrub Care and Pruning

  • Ensuring your shrubs stay the size and shape you want

  • Removing dead parts of shrubs

  • Ensuring a healthy growth

Turf Care

  • Removing stains

  • Removing pet waste or animal/bird droppings

  • Replace worn areas

Driveway Regrading

  • Ensure driveway is the best for parking

  • Ensure proper sloping for water runoff

  • Fill cracks and replace broken concrete

Irrigation System Management

  • Replace broken sprinkler heads

  • Replace lines with leaks

  • Manage the controller

Lawn Care Programs

  • Maintenance programs available for residential and commercial customers

Weed Control

  • Use eco-friendly ways to rid your yard of weeds

  • Invest in foamstream

  • Implement programs to ensure weeds are minimized when spring comes

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Landscape Maintenance