When is the best time of year for a landscape installation?

Thinking about upgrading your landscape? The best time to do so is in the fall and the spring. Summer and winter are generally not ideal for new landscape installations, as they are outside the growing season. When it comes to planting new trees, shrubs, and perennials, the months of April and May are some of the best times to do so. Always avoid planting in the winter, as freezing temperatures can make the ground too cold for new plants, likely killing them. A close second to spring-time planting is doing it in the fall. However, if you decide to undertake a fall landscaping project, give your new plants a better chance of surviving the window by following these tips:

  • Mulching — Insulate the roots with a few inches of mulch on top to help the plant survive with fluctuating temperatures.
  • Watering — Water frequently in the fall to help your plants survive the cold, dry winter months.
  • Pruning — Remove dead, broken, and weak branches in the fall to reduce the risk of damage to the tree or other plant when winter comes.

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