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When To Call a Tree Service Professional

Knowing when your sidelined trees and broken branches become a universal hazard to the looks and function of your lawn is an important skill to have. Wise Oak Inc. offers not only the best tree care in South Londonderry, Vermont, but also timely advice for when it’s time to call professional services to take care of your problems swiftly. Check out our portfolio of past works today!

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Large Breaks

This one is a genuine red flag right when it happens. Large tree breaks are key indicators of needing professional tree care. Rather than doing the mundane and dangerous task of attempted removal, professionals like Wise Oak Inc. provide the tools and expertise to reliably clean this hazardous material on your property.

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Exposed Roots

Exposed roots are more passive in signaling the demand for professional tree services, but they’re just as important to handle nonetheless. What first becomes a tripping hazard will continue to grow as a foundational hazard for your land. Do not personally cut any surface roots. Instead, allow a professional tree care team to properly handle the exposed roots to alleviate further damage to the tree and your land.

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Potential Property Damage

Fast or slow, unattended trees will cause property damage. Whether it’s from uncut branches flailing loose in the wind or prolonging overgrowth creeping into the infrastructure, getting proper tree care is always important. Wise Oak Inc. has every scenario and situation relating to hazardous threats prepared in advance to keep your property protected from further damage.

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Visible Decay or Disease

If you notice cracks or holes anywhere on your tree, it’s time to notify a professional about tree decay. Disease-ridden trees will only continue to grow more problematic. Wise Oak Inc. knows how to execute proper removal of decaying trees swiftly to get your property back into good condition.

With so much talk about alleviating tree-related issues from your property, it’s easy to forget how great it will look in the end! Our spring tree care services in the South Londonderry area come with a plethora of additional lawn care services at your demand. Contact us for expert tree services today!