Easy Ways to Prepare Your Landscape Before Winter

Winter can be disastrous for lawns and landscapes, particularly in regions like Southern Vermont that experience exorbitant amounts of snow and ice accumulation. Between your landscape design, property management, tree care, and other outdoor maintenance services from Wise Oak, there are easy ways you can prepare your property before winter weather arrives. Contact us to schedule your professional landscape solutions and keep reading to learn more about how you can prime your property for winter.

Image of a rake pushing a pile of leaves

Prepare Your Lawn

Raking leaves and removing debris may seem cumbersome and superfluous, but the future of your lawn depends on this preemptive work. Excess foliage and vegetation left on the surface can smother your lawn and stunt growth or kill the grass altogether. If you don't have the time for regular lawn care and maintenance, call Wise Oak to schedule landscape maintenance services.

Image of much being placed around a tree

Thank You Very Mulch

Applying adequate amounts of mulch – about a 2-inch layer – around trees and plants creates added protection prior to winter’s arrival. This process helps mitigate erosion, prevent water loss, and maintain consistent soil temperatures around the roots. Our residential and commercial landscape maintenance assistance is happy to complete this project along with an assortment of others to ready your property for the colder weather.

Image of a broken branch covered in heavy snow

Protect Trees and Shrubs

The build-up of snow and ice poses a continual threat throughout the winter and can cause damage to trees and plants on your property. Branches are susceptible to breaking and prone to disease if they accumulate too much snow or ice throughout the season. Remove feeble limbs that may break and gently brush snow accumulation after storms to prevent damage to your landscape during storms.

Image of a Wise Oak Truck

Wise Up With Wise Oak

Whether you are preparing your property for winter yourself or need professional assistance to complete the process, contact Wise Oak for any information. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is happy to answer any questions you have about your specific preparations and can schedule a free estimate if you require professional service. Get in touch with us today for advice or help in preparing your Vermont property for winter.

Wise Oak Inc. is dedicated to improving and maintaining your complete outdoor living environment. Winter in Southern Vermont arrives abruptly and can cause problems for your landscape in the future if you aren’t properly prepared. Contact our team to gain the advantage of consistent and thorough landscape management solutions today.